Getting Started With Automatic: Putting Your Data To Work

So… You’ve installed Automatic, played with the app, and hit the road. You’re off to a great start. But what’s all that driving data really good for?

In a word: plenty.

Want to figure out the best time to leave for work to avoid traffic? What kind of driving profile you fit? Get a detailed receipt of a business trip you took? Automatic can do all that and much more; you just have to put it to work.

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What Happens When Santa Uses Automatic?

In 1955, Sears Roebuck & Co. famously misprinted a phone number in an ad for children to call Santa Claus. Instead of reaching the Santa stand-ins at the Sears call center, the children reached CONAD, the Continental Aerospace Defense Command. CONAD staff took the calls and checked their radar to see where Santa was on his dash around the globe. The kids that called in were given updates on Santa’s location.

In 1958, North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD was created, and they kept the tradition alive.

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Getting Started with Automatic: Meet the Drive Score

Taken a few trips with your Automatic adapter installed? Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a brand new Drive Score. You might have some questions about this mysterious number, but we’re here to shed some light on what it is and what it means.

Hop in and let’s take a ride.

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Getting Started With Automatic: Connecting Your Nest Thermostat

If you own a Nest thermostat, you know that it learns your behavior to make sure the temperature is just right. When you link your Nest to your Automatic, it gets even more accurate. By reacting to your car’s activity, you’ll never have to worry about setting insufferable timers, forgetting to turn off the air when you’re away, or getting hit with a massive energy bill at the end of the month. And your home will always be the perfect temperature when you arrive.

Linking your Automatic to your Nest is incredibly easy, and here’s a quick guide to get you up and running.

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Getting Started with Automatic: How is MPG Calculated?

One of the great things about Automatic is our wonderful customer community where you can find answers to nearly any question about the adapter, the app, or the myriad of ways you can use it. One question comes up frequently: “How is my MPG calculated?” You’d assume it’s pretty simple, but it’s far more complex than just some basic arithmetic.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 5.06.52 PM

Your Driver Fingerprint Has More In Common With Your Astrology Sign

We all believe we’re above average drivers, but our data science team knows it’s far more complicated than a simple binary of good versus bad. Driving is nuanced and complex, with dozens of variables that form an overall picture of our behavior behind the wheel. We think of it as a fingerprint – a way to identify one driver’s actions over another’s – but as we found out through our Insights project, driving behavior is much more like an astrology sign than a unique snowflake.

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