Automatic for Android 1.0 launches to help you stay focused on the road and safe in a crash

We’re really excited to announce the 1.0 release of our Android app, which includes Crash Alert (beta), as well as an Android-exclusive “Do Not Disturb” feature that helps you stay focused on the road by silencing your phone when you drive.

Helping people drive safer is a big part of our mission. Crash Alert, now available for both iOS and Android, can detect serious crashes and notify local authorities with your location, even if you can’t. An Automatic agent will even stay on the line with you until help arrives and contact your loved ones to let them know what’s happened.


Eyes On The Road

We all know we shouldn’t use our phones when we drive. It’s dangerous, and distracted driving causes over a million accidents every year. But when a message comes in, let’s be honest, it’s hard to resist.

Automatic on Android can take the temptation away by silencing incoming texts, notifications, and phone calls when you drive. It can even auto-reply to phone calls with a text message to let them know you’re driving.

Most importantly, you’re in control: Automatic doesn’t lock you out of the phone so you can always pick it up and see what you missed when it’s safe. And of course, you can disable the feature if you really want to.

Android Exclusive

Do Not Disturb is only available on Automatic for Android because of that platform’s special capabilities. We look forward to pushing what’s possible on Android to make driving safer.

You can download the Automatic Android app on Google Play now.

Drive On!