Automatic lets your car tweet, post to Facebook, and more: announcing the Automatic Channel on IFTTT

When we set out to create Automatic, it was because of the incredible potential we saw in connecting your car to the internet. Automatic uses that connection to track your trips, remember where you parked, tell you what’s wrong with your engine, and even call for help in a crash.

Today, we’re taking that connection to a whole new level: giving drivers the power to connect their cars to dozens of popular web services like Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox. We’ve launched the Automatic Channel on IFTTT.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT, which stands for “if this then that”, is a simple service that lets you create powerful connections between triggers and actions on the internet, like automatically turning your house lights on when you park by your house, or automatically letting your friends on Facebook know when you drive back home. Read more about IFTTT.

What can you do with Automatic and IFTTT?

The Automatic Channel on IFTTT exposes several very powerful triggers.  These include:

  • Ignition turned on
  • Ignition turned on in a specific area
  • Ignition turned off
  • Ignition turned off in a specific area
  • Check engine light turned on
  • Check engine light turned off
  • Trip completed

These triggers occur when you drive with Automatic. Telling IFTTT what you’d like to happen in response to these triggers is called a Recipe.

Here are a few Recipes we like:

IFTTT Recipe: Log all of my trips to a Google spreadsheet connects automatic to google-drive
IFTTT Recipe: Turn off my house lights when I leave home connects automatic to philips-hue
IFTTT Recipe: Text my significant other when I'm on my way home from work connects automatic to sms
IFTTT Recipe: Email my mechanic when the check engine light comes on connects automatic to gmail

Getting started with the Automatic Channel on IFTTT is easy – just click on any of the above Recipes and sign in with your Automatic account. You can also make your own Recipes for situations we haven’t thought of. We’d love to see what you come up with – don’t forget to share them with us.

As more channels are added to IFTTT, the things you can do with Automatic will grow too. Keep an eye on our IFTTT profile page where we’ll be featuring new and exciting Recipes as they become possible. Is it just us, or is the future here already!?

IFTTT  lets you connect your car to other internet-connected hardware devices:

IFTTT Recipe: When I get home, turn my house lights to party mode connects automatic to philips-hue

There are lots of creative things that you can do with the Automatic Channel on IFTTT with social media:

IFTTT Recipe: Call my spouse immediately if I park in front of a Nevada brothel connects automatic to phone-call

We can’t wait to see the Recipes you all come up with.

Drive on!